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Whenever I wanted to search for Malaysian jokes on the web, I always end up finding them stashed rather unsystematically in some kind of forum community boards, blog sites, or other weird places that's not exactly a place designed specifically for jokes. They're scattered everywhere! And then I asked myself, "Why the heck aren't there any sort of "official" website that compiles a huge collection of jokes for Malaysian readers, in a nice.. well-defined categories?". I mean hey, if you search for "funny jokes" in any search engines, you'll see many standard websites listed on the top of the page that caters specifically to contain jokes in many different categories. But if you try to search for "lawak jenaka", you'll see blog sites, forums, yahoo groups and whatnot filling up the search engine result page. Why does this happens? Are Malaysians just unsystematic? I dont think so

Hence, was born. This site aims to be the largest jokes database for Malaysian targetted readers with constant daily updates by anyone who wishes to contribute. And not only that, this site also offers an RSS subscription so that visitors have the option to read jokes directly from their feed readers or shoot the jokes straight into their emails... EVERYDAY!

In the long run, I'm planning to add more and more functions into this site.. not just for learning purpose, but also to provide more features to everyone in using the jokes collection we have on hand. Hopefully everyone can support this little website to expand by sharing their jokes with the site be it in the form of texts, pictures or even videos. Let's compile all the jokes in one place and make it easier for all of us to search for jokes.

Thank you and have a fun day..