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Chef Basket Product Review

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by: krose411
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Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2011 Time: 4:50 AM

A kitchen item named the Chef Basket is really a versatile new item meant for anybody who loves to cook. It can be use for a strainer, colander and deep frying basket.

It is unique in how it can fold down flat for simple storing. There is no to struggle with a hot pot. All you have to do yourself is just lift the handle and place your food straight from the pot to your plate. Or you can hang it over the kitchen sink for a minute or two to drain it.

It is possible to use it to stem, deep fry, poach and more. I personally think, it is one of those most own product you could use virtually every single day in your kitchen.

I mostly use the Chef Basket for cooking pasta dishes. I simply boil a big pot full of water, place the pasta into the Chef Basket, and afterwords immerse the basket into the pot of hot water. After it's all done, I merely pull the Chef Basket, place it on top of the kitchen sink for around a few of seconds to wait for the water to strain. Then the pasta is ready to be served and I merely slide it on the serving serving plate.

Should you have ever tried using a huge heavy pot of hot water and tried to dump it using a strainer, you by now know how much of an inconvenience this can be. But using the Chef Basket, it's simple as well as safe with built in stay-cool handles.

I actually won't do much frying. Though I do fry up some deep fried shrimp once in awhile. My husband likes to fry up some hot-wings whenever his pals come over and see the game. Using the Chef Basket he now no longer make a big mess.

The Chef Basket comes with a reasonably good recipe book for some ideas, but it is pretty simple. It shows you foods you could make from frying, boiling and other uses. You could order the Chef Basket for roughly $15 from the official website and in many retailers that have kitchen cookware. Share this lawak:

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