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41: Anime VS Real-Life
The picture speaks for itself.....  

42: Girl Power

43: What happens when human mates with a dog
This is how the child will turn out... Not bad eyh?? 

44: Proof that kittens have bad sense of smell
Or probably its a naughty little kitty!

45: Osama wants to be a millionnaire
But I thought he is already a millionnaire... 

46: Bush scares baby
I'd be scared too! 

47: Dangerous Slide
That kid is crazy :P 

48: Cat's manicure
Even cats are getting metro these days :P 

49: Anti-rape condom!
Girls.. now you can defend yourself against rapist. RAPEX is a condom for girls to wear and it will severly damage the rapist's d*ck. Check it out... 

50: The competition for Virgin Airlines
 Hahaha.. that's funny...

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