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51: This is how geeks protests 'Stop War'
HTML tags to say Stop War? Cool.. that's an uber geek

52: Check out the girl on the left
LoL... look at her.. she must be over drunk.. For some reason that look reminds me of Donald Duck.. 

53: Moment of Impact
Creative shots of shattered pieces! some even with meaningful message :D 

54: This is one angry little cat
Grrrr... Meoww.... 

55: Ready to Quit Smoking?
Bet you do now.... Smoking is a bad habit... creative ads :D

56: Women-Only Carpark!
Now will you believe that women are the worst drivers? ahuhuaheuaheuah 

57: Get her a diamond ring, idiot!
What she says is not always what she means: 

58: Selected area is empty
A picture that speaks a thousand words about BUsh:

59: Use Sedal shampoo...
And rebond you hair like this :D

60: Even McDonalds goes to Burger King
THis is a funny and really creative Burger King advertisement pic... check it out..

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