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61: Middle East in Deep Shit
No wonder the Middle East is in deep shit...

62: Reason why you shouldn't let your dog lick you
Luckily I can't own a dog.. :P

63: What's a woman's superpower?
Better buy this shirt for your girlfrien.. >:)

64: Naughty-looking Chandelier
I wonder who designed this chandelier.. creative but naughty >:)

65: Why we love children
Just sharing this...

66: Bush: Please check my nuts
Remember the video post about Bush being gay? Here's the proof. Both front and behind? :P

67: Bill Gates vs Steve Jobs
This is super cool! A really funny video showing the fight between Bill Gates (Windows PC) and Steve Jobs (Mac Apple).Who wins at the end? Let's find it out!

68: Positive Proof of Global Warming
Let the picture speaks for itself.. hehe..There must be a reason why people are wearing less... :P

69: A blogger's resignation letter...
This is a sample resignation letter from a blogger to his boss... check it out :P

70: Black VS White
LoL... the debate between a black man and a white man.

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