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21: ASTRO On-Demand 'Tai Chor Laa'
ASTRO did a very well job in this funny commercial about their On-Demand package. DVD pirates are going down!So next time there's someone wanting to sell those pirated CDs/DVDs, just yell at them &quo

22: How to abuse a cute girl?
Short clips of cute Japanese girls being abused in many different funny ways :P

23: Who called the cops
Two male strippers in a policeman uniform "stripped" in front of 3 old grandmas before finding out that they're at the wrong place.   Yikes! Those are some ugly strippers! Bu

24: The relevance of sex before marriage?
This is the reason why you really need to know your partner before marrying her...Or else you might end up like this poor guy when you found out who she really is... haha..  Very funny video ads

25: David Letterman whacked off Optimus Prime
See how David Letterman screw off an Optimus Prime (Transformers) toy in front of a live show...Very the funny lar!

26: David Blaine Parody video
I'm sure most of you guys have seen the David Blaine show.. the street magician who likes showing off his magic skills with random people.. Well here's a funny video of someone who acts like David Bla

27: There she fell again...
This model fell twice on the stage during a fashion show... freakin embarrasing..I wonder who designed the shoes.. she can't even walk properly.. hhuhuhu.. Watch the video...

28: What polar bears do to prepare for Global Warming
This is a sure sign that global warming is approaching.. even the Polar Bears are doing unexpected thing...   hahaha

29: Sensitivity Training -> Don't look at womens "Ahem ahem"
Really funny video....! Guys... quit staring at sensitive body parts!

30: See the Elmo laughs!
Even the dog was scared of Elmo:

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