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31: No pork in RK House Mamak
Halal issue has recently been a very concerning issue in Malaysia considering that the majority of the population are Muslims. Here's a funny video about a recording of RK House mamak restaurant where

32: The Freak-show
This is a frickkin` weird show for a half-time show in a soccer game. Attack of the nerds, maybe?:  

33: When a 3yr old is asked about Monsters
LoL.. kids say the darnest things..

34: Cruise is better then Flight
Might change your perception about how cool to get on a flight.. and change to cruises instead :P

35: Why it's good to be beautiful
Beautiful girls should be grateful... they can take advantage of others because of their looks... like one in this movie :P

36: Zeroes - Spoof of the Heroes series
Do you watch the popular Heroes series on TV? Watch this spoof and laugh your heads out!

37: USA Street Survey
Who said the American people are smart? Check out this USA Street Survey video where they asked random American citizens about the general knowledge in this world. Those Americans even find it hard to

38: I bought on eBay
by Backstree Boyz wannabe... kool & really funny.. haha... :D

39: How to impress a women if you don't have a fancy car
Yet another funny commercial ads on impressing a women :D

40: Windows Vista speech recognition demo
The latest Windows Vista comes with a built in speech recognition engine that is capable of understanding human verbal instructions. See how this person gets annoyed trying to use that feature to try

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