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41: Bad Hair Day
You know you're having a bad day if something like this happens to you:

42: Bush and Blair wanna take you to a gay bar
Bush and Blair made a video clip titled "We wanna take you to a gay bar"??

43: Funny Bush Impersonation
Check out this funny impersonator who makes fun of president Bush by mimicking him:

44: Hilarious Interview
Watch how this interviewer of a TV show cannot 'tahan' from laughing after hearing an interviewee's funny voice.. hahaa.. really funny..

45: Bank Robbery
Haha.. stupid guy. He thought the door was automatically locked. People become surprisingly stupid when they panicked.

46: The Worst Burglar Ever!
I've never seen any burglar as foolish as this! What a joker..

47: Funny Commercial Ads Compiled
These are some short funny commercial ads compiled in one video. Enjoy the laugh!

48: Bill Clinton Voodoo Doll
This is a banned commercial in the US.. but a good one. hehe.. wouldn't it be nice if we have such voodoo doll for Bush instead?

49: Improve Your English
What are you sinking about? haha...

50: Animation VS Animator
This is one seriously cool (and funny) sh*t! See how a Flash animator tries to take control over his mad "animation" -- The Chosen One!

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