Does Atorvastatin Affect Sleep?

Do statins make you sleep better?

In recent years, researchers discovered that people taking statins reported increased levels of general fatigue and tiredness, especially after exertion.

A study from the University of California San Diego found that people taking statins experienced lower levels of energy than people who took a placebo..

Which statin does not cause insomnia?

In summary, the studies have shown that both simvastatin and lovastatin, despite the lipophilic properties, do not cause clinically significant sleep disorders. However, in 2014 Takada et al. [8] suggested that statin use is associated with an increased risk for sleep disturbances including insomnia.

What are the most common side effects of atorvastatin?

Some of the more common side effects that can occur with use of atorvastatin oral tablet include:cold symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing, and coughing.diarrhea.gas.heartburn.joint pain.forgetfulness.confusion.

Which statins must be taken at bedtime?

To maximize the effects of statins with a short half-life, fluvastatin, lovastatin, and simvastatin should be dosed at bedtime allowing the greatest drug concentration to be present during peak endogenous cholesterol synthesis.