Does Mee6 Cost Money?

How much XP is mee6?

You can only get xp once every minute.

This is to prevent spammer for leveling up quickly..

How much does mee6 cost?

MEE6 premium costs $11.95/month, $43.02 for a full year, or $79.90 for lifetime use on one server.

Are discord bots free?

People love it because it’s free, it’s efficient, it’s cross-platform, it’s… well, you guessed it, it’s awesome. One of the great things you can do on Discord is to integrate bots on servers in order to make it more interactive.

Is mee6 a good bot?

MEE6 is the best moderation bot for Discord. … You can configure the MEE6 bot to either mute, kick, or permanently ban a user after they commit a certain number of infractions over a given period of time. In addition to moderation, MEE6 can be used to play music on your servers and “level up” users.

What can mee6 do?

MEE6 is a Discord role bot that allows users to self assign roles by using discord reactions. This discord role generator will automatically update permissions for users in discord.

Who has the highest mee6 level?

What I do know is; The highest reachable level is 1,768,802 which would take 935 billion years if you sent a message every minute.

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How do I get mee6 to ban words?

To use banned words system enable it by typing words to be banned and then pressing Update button at the bottom of a page.

Is mee6 safe?

mee6 is a bot, that has no use on discord. mee6 also is spreading through servers like a virus, which it is. Mee6 is only added to servers because uneducated server owners see it on other similar servers, and add it, thinking its a good bot. It is not.

Why is mee6 offline?

Due to a small hiccup with Discord, MEE6 is offline as well as many other bots.

Is mee6 a music bot?

The MEE6 bot, in addition to all of the other cool features, you can play music directly in your Discord voice channels by adding individual songs or playlists from YouTube.

Is Dyno bot free?

Dyno offers a powerful community bot and a place to advertise your server, easy and free. Create your own Custom Command for the Dyno Discord bot! Dyno is a feature-rich and modular discord bot for your Discord server. With web configuration, moderation, anti-spam, auto roles, music, custom commands, and much more!

How do I increase my mee6 level?

When someone sends a message, MEE6 will give them XP points so they can level up. You can even tweak the difficulty by changing the amount of XP points earned per message.

What does Nightbot do in discord?

Nightbot provides a pile of chat commands and auto-moderation tools for your Discord. This includes a blacklist for inappropriate words/phrases and the ability to suppress spamming of excessive symbols, emotes, capital letters, links, copypasta, and more.