Question: What Is The Full Meaning Of MP In Medical Term?

What does MP stand for in food?

market pricemp (plural mps) Initialism of market price – written on menus instead of a price to mean the price charged depends on the price of supplies, which may vary.

Ribeye steak – $20; Pork chop – $15; Lobster – mp..

What does MP stand for in Spanish?

precio al mayoreo”MP” in the context of commerce usually means: “precio al mayoreo” (wholesale). Since it says “descuento”, it is referring to a discount for volume purchase. “R.E” in the same context, is a special tax called: Régimen especial del comercio minoritario.

What is the full meaning of MP?

Member of ParliamentMP is an abbreviation for ‘Member of Parliament’. … MP is written after someone’s name to indicate that they have been elected as an MP.

What is MP in science?

Megapond (Mp), a non-SI Metric unit of force, also known as a tonne-force. Melting point, the temperature at which a solid becomes a liquid.

What is meaning of MP in politics?

A member of parliament (MP) is the representative of the people who live in their constituency. In many countries with bicameral parliaments, this category includes specifically members of the lower house, as upper houses often have a different title. Member of Congress is an equivalent term in other jurisdictions.

What does MP stand for in construction?

MP in ConstructionMPMedium Pressure Architectural, Architecture, TechnologyMPMember of Parliament Government, Health, EducationMPMetal Acoustal Panel Construction Drawing, Drawing, DesignMPMid-Pacific Region Drawing, Design, ArchitectureMPMounting plate + 1 variant Product, Technology, Science5 more rows

What is the full form of MP in exam?

M. P. — Member of Parliament. M. L. A. — Member of Legislative Assembly. M. L. C. — Member of Legislative Council. P. M. — Prime Minister. C. M. — Chief Minister.

What is MP in statistics?

In probability and statistics, a mean-preserving spread (MPS) is a change from one probability distribution A to another probability distribution B, where B is formed by spreading out one or more portions of A’s probability density function or probability mass function while leaving the mean (the expected value) …

What is MP in business?

MP. Money Purchase (type of qualified retirement plan)

What is MP in human body?

Mucopolysaccharidosis type I (MPS I) is a rare disease in which the body is missing or does not have enough of an enzyme needed to break down long chains of sugar molecules. These chains of molecules are called glycosaminoglycans (formerly called mucopolysaccharides).

What does MP mean in text message?

MP means “Mana Points or Magic Points” (Gaming Term), “Multiplayer” (Gaming Term), “Member Of Parliament” and “Military Police”. “Mana Points”.

What does MP stand for in school?

MP in EducationMPMarking Period Development, Study, LearningMPMarginal Pass Student, Dating, TechnologyMPMarshall PublicMPMasters preparation Audio, Mastering, TechnologyMPMathematical Physics Mathematics, Equation, Technology15 more rows

What is a MP Doctor?

Medical Professions. Medicine, Medical, Education. MP. Medical Professional. Medicine, Medical, Health.

What is MP in video?

Magic or mana is an attribute assigned to characters within a role-playing or video game that indicates their power to use special magical abilities or “spells”. Magic is usually measured in magic points or mana points, shortened as MP. Different abilities will use up different amounts of MP.