Question: Why Are Specsavers So Cheap?

Why you should not buy glasses online?

Reasons Not to Buy Glasses Online Some experts say it’s like trying to cut your own hair.

It may be difficult to return the glasses.

A large study found about half the online glasses had the wrong prescription or other problems.

An incorrect prescription may give you blurred vision or make your eyes feel uncomfortable..

Are Dollar store reading glasses bad for your eyes?

Dollar-store lenses have very poor quality control. In repeated surveys they’ve shown to have significant differences from well made prescriptions. The strengths may be different, or they have different focal points. These can cause blurry vision, double vision and eye strain headaches.

How much do Specsavers partners earn?

Every Specsavers Audiology joint venture partner receives a guaranteed salary and super package for the lifetime of their partnership with Specsavers. For our audiologist partners, this salary is $100,000 plus super, while audiometrist partners earn $90,000 plus super.

What happens if I don’t like my Specsavers glasses?

Yes, we want you to be completely happy with your purchase at Specsavers. If you have any concerns within three months of the date of purchase, we will put it right. No quibble, no fuss. If your purchase was made in store simply return it to the store you purchased from who will be able to help.

Can I have new lenses put in my old frames Specsavers?

Answer: Whether or not you can reglaze into your own frame is not a simple yes or no answer, it is determined by the condition of the frames, their size, shape, curvature and your prescription requirements.

How much should I pay for glasses?

In the U.S., the cost of eyeglasses ranges greatly, from approximately $50 to over $1,000 for a single pair. The average cost is $196. If you do not have vision insurance, you should expect to pay the full cost unless you can find a reputable retailer that offers coupons or other discounts.

Can I bring my own frames to OPSM?

You can certainly use your own frames and have them fit lenses into them. However, they will tell you they won’t take any responsibility if the frames get damaged in the process.

Are varifocal lenses worth it?

If you are constantly having to swap glasses they can become damaged or can even get lost. Bifocals or varifocals may be advisable if you need to switch from distance and near visual tasks frequently. If you do a lot of reading or driving, separate pairs may be better for you as they offer clear all-round vision.

Is specsavers or OPSM better?

OPSM actually own Specsavers. Better choice of different frames at OPSM but you will pay more no doubt.

What do specsavers do with old glasses?

Specsavers Opticians is collecting glasses for global sight charity Vision Aid Overseas (VAO). Customers can simply drop their old frames into the VAO collection box in the store. The charity recycles the glasses and uses the money it makes from selling the reusable materials to fund its work in developing countries.

How much is specsavers worth?

The company had a total turnover of 2.78 billion in 2018/2019 with 2,111 branches in the United Kingdom, Guernsey, Jersey, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark (under the brand Louis Nielsen), the Netherlands, Spain, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

How long do glasses take at Specsavers?

Although if there’s a significant change to your prescription it could take around two weeks.

Why are glasses so much cheaper online?

Online retailers cut costs by using cheap materials and cut corners on customer service and safety standards. About 44% of glasses made online are not the correct prescription and over 20% do not meet ANSI safety standards.

Should I wear Varifocals all the time?

Some people only need a couple of days to get accustomed to new glasses, while others need up to two weeks. … This is why it’s so important to continue to wear your varifocal glasses consistently so that your eyes can adjust to them.

Are cheap online glasses any good?

Buying glasses online has its advantages: You have a lot more frames to choose from than in your local optician’s office, they often cost less, and you can even try some on from the comfort of your couch. … Even if you don’t have special prescription needs or fit problems, buying glasses online can still be risky.

Are Specsavers eye tests any good?

The consumer testers visited independent opticians and chains such as Boots Opticians, Optical Express and Specsavers for an eye test, and found two out of five opticians are not up to scratch. … Only one appointment out of the 30 was rated as “excellent”, which was also a visit to an independent optician.

Are Specsavers glasses made in China?

Frames now tend to be produced in China mostly and possibly in Europe. Specsavers – frames and lenses supplied from Italy, France, China and Korea.

How much do Varifocals cost at Specsavers?

2 for 1 varifocal glasses At Specsavers, if you choose a pair of glasses from the £69-£169 ranges and varifocal lenses from £49, you can get a second pair, with the same varifocal lenses for free.

Does OPSM own Specsavers?

Where to buy glasses. Two international companies dominate the Australian market: Specsavers, and Luxottica, which owns OPSM and Laubman & Pank.

Can I return glasses to Specsavers if I don’t like them?

Yes. If for any reason you’re not happy, contact our Customer Service department on 0818 275 739 or complete our online form. We’ll advise you where to return the goods to, and we’ll refund you in full once we’ve received the goods in resalable condition.

Are specsavers doing 2 for 1?

Frame advice in store With our 2 for 1 glasses offer you don’t have to settle for just one pair, so you could go for one pair for daytime working in the office, and one for evening socialising with friends. For £99-£169 ranges you get standard and other 1.5 single-vision lenses included in both pairs.