Quick Answer: How Do I Get Keystone First Insurance?

Is Keystone Mercy the same as Keystone first?

In 2012, backed by parent companies Independence Blue Cross and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Keystone Mercy became Keystone First.

Today, Keystone First serves more than 300,000 Medical Assistance recipients in the five-county Greater Philadelphia area..

Does Keystone first pay for gym memberships?

Great news! Your Keystone First Focus on Fitness gym program is now better than ever. No cost to you. No age limit.

Does Keystone first cover braces for adults?

** If braces were put on before the age of 21, services are covered until treatment for braces is completed, or age 23, whichever comes first, as long as you continue to be a Keystone First member. If you change to another health plan, coverage will be provided by that health plan.

What is Keystone First Community HealthChoices?

Keystone First Community HealthChoices (CHC) is a managed care organization.

Why is Pennsylvania called the Keystone State?

The Keystone State Pennsylvania’s essential role in the founding of the United States earned it the nickname, the “Keystone State.” The term “keystone” comes from architecture and refers to the central, wedge-shaped stone in an arch, which holds all the other stones in place.

Does Keystone first cover physical therapy?

Therapy services, after the first 24 combined visits, including outpatient physical, occupational, and speech therapy services; aquatic therapy; and cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation services with a Keystone First network provider.

Does Keystone first cover mental health?

The BH-MCO provides access to diagnostic, assessment, referral, and treatment services including but not limited to: Inpatient and outpatient psychiatric services. Inpatient and outpatient drug and alcohol services (detoxification and rehabilitation).

What does the PA Access Card cover?

The PA EBT ACCESS card is an industry-standard plastic card with a magnetic strip. It provides recipients access to Cash Assistance, SNAP and Medical Assistance benefits. … The first 6 digits (600760) are the bank identification number (BIN) that identifies the card as Pennsylvania EBT.

Does Medicaid cover chiropractic in PA?

Medicaid coverage of chiropractic care is limited to services that are provided by a chiropractor licensed by the State and consist of treatment by means of manual manipulation of the spine.

Is Keystone Health Plan East part of Blue Cross?

With a Keystone Health Plan East HMO from Independence Blue Cross, you can see any doctor or visit any hospital in the Keystone Health Plan East network. You pick a primary care physician (PCP), or family doctor, to coordinate your care.

Is Keystone First Blue Cross?

Keystone First is a Blue Cross Medical Assistance (Medicaid) managed care health product offered by Vista Health Plan, Inc., an affiliate of Independence Blue Cross, in five Southeastern Pennsylvania counties.

What is keystone first group number?

If you have questions about the member portal or Keystone First, call Member Services at 1-800-521-6860 (TTY 1-800-684-5505).

Does PA Medicaid cover glasses?

Routine vision exams twice a year. $100 allowance toward eyeglasses (one frame and two lenses) or toward one pair of contact lenses and fitting per year* Glasses or contact lenses to treat cataracts or aphakia (medical condition) Specialist eye exam with referral from PCP.

What kind of insurance is keystone first?

MedicaidPutting you first. Keystone First is Pennsylvania’s largest Medical Assistance (Medicaid) managed care health plan serving more than 400,000 Medical Assistance recipients in southeastern Pennsylvania including Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties.

Does Keystone first cover eyeglasses?

Keystone First does not cover prescription eyeglasses or prescription contact lenses for members 21 years of age and older, but there are special provisions for members with aphakia or cataracts. Call Member Services at 1-800-521-6860 for more information. *There may be co-pays for some eye care services.