Quick Answer: What Does Discontent Mean?

What’s the meaning of disenchanted?

no longer happy, pleased, or satisfied: no longer happy, pleased, or satisfied : disappointed, dissatisfied disenchanted voters/workers/fans But midway through his architectural training at the Rhode Island School of Design, he grew disenchanted with the pretentious edifice of postmodern design.—.

What is another for angry?

SYNONYMS FOR angry 1 irate, incensed, enraged, infuriated, furious, mad; provoked, irritated.

What does disaffection mean?

noun. the absence or alienation of affection or goodwill; estrangement; disloyalty: Disaffection often leads to outright treason.

What is the opposite of discontent?

▲ Opposite of experiencing discontent, dissatisfaction. contented. satisfied. pleased.

Is Discontent a good thing?

Discontent starts with a feeling and can end one of two ways. If acted upon, our discontent can lead us toward a life with greater meaning, purpose, and impact. If not, it can be the beginning of looking back on our lives with regret.

How do you use discontent in a sentence?

Discontent sentence examplesAll this soon provoked discontent among the educated classes. … held in check the discontent of their own subjects. … But the discontent of the Janissaries led to his dismissal and death in 1643.More items…

What is the meaning of the word discontent?

: lack of satisfaction with one’s possessions, status, or situation : lack of contentment: a : a sense of grievance : dissatisfaction the winter of our discontent— William Shakespeare. b : restless aspiration (see aspiration sense 1a) for improvement.

What is another word for discontent?

SYNONYMS FOR discontent 2 uneasiness, inquietude, restlessness, displeasure.

How do I stop feeling discontent?

Looking back on these times in my life, when I overcame discontentment, I’ve realized there are three things you can do: 1. Change your attitude and perspective. 2….Here are just a few but important ways:Appreciate what you have. … Find good in everything. … Start believing that you can change things. … Enjoy the moment.

What does earnestly mean?

: in an earnest and serious manner : not lightly, casually, or flippantly speaking earnestly asking earnestly for forgiveness providing the relief that they had earnestly hoped for She spoke so earnestly, with such emotion in her voice, that Omakayas was always to remember that moment …—

What does disconcerting mean?

1 : to throw into confusion disconcerting their plans. 2 : to disturb the composure of were disconcerted by his tone of voice.