What Is Weight Bearing As Tolerated?

Should you wear an Aircast to bed?

Although you should follow your doctor’s advice in any situation, the normal practice is to wear the boot while sleeping.

However, loosening the straps that secure the boot will increase wearing comfort and allow you to sleep better..

What does non weight bearing really mean?

Non-weight-bearing means that no weight can be placed on the operated leg. This is the most restrictive of all weight-bearing limitations. Since you are not able to bear any weight on the leg, an assistive device, such as a walker or crutches, will be necessary for you to walk.

Can you drive when partial weight bearing?

“If the brace is needed for weight-bearing activities only, the patient may be able to take the device off to drive and apply it once they get to the destination. This should be discussed with your foot and ankle doctor beforehand.”

When walking with crutches which leg goes first?

Put as much weight as you are allowed on the injured leg, taking the rest of the weight through your arms and hands. Step past with your stronger leg. In summary, move the crutches first, your injured leg next, and then your stronger leg.

What are some non weight bearing exercises?

What are some examples of NWB activities?Swimming, water aerobics, or rowing.Riding a bicycle or using a stationary bicycle.Lifting weights or using resistance bands while seated.Using a hand bike to work only your upper body.Range of motion exercises for joint flexibility.More items…•

Can you walk in a walking boot without crutches?

Do you actually need crutches with a walking boot? The short answer is no: You don’t need crutches with a walking boot. While you shouldn’t generally put weight on a walking boot, other mobility aids can be used instead of crutches to prevent this from occurring. These include wheelchairs, canes, walkers, and others.

Does weight bearing help bones heal?

Weight-bearing is essential for bone healing in patients with autoimmune disease, fractures, and following orthopedic surgery. Low-intensity weight-bearing exercise has shown to be beneficial in bone healing over non-weight bearing exercises.

How long does it take to go from partial weight bearing to full weight bearing?

Patient’s that have used a knee scooter will need to use crutches for this transition. Weight bearing typically happens over 2, 4 or 6 week period or sooner in some cases. This is determined by your physician based on your injury and healing status.

What happens if you put weight on a non weight bearing?

Non-weight bearing: the affected leg, ankle, or foot cannot withstand any weight whatsoever and attempting to do so would cause further harm or prolong your recovery.