What Was The First Fast Food Chain?

What is the richest fast food chain?


2020 brand value: $41,043 (in millions, or $41 billion) …


2020 brand value: $37,449 (in millions, or $37.5 billion) …


2020 brand value: $17,105 (in millions, or $17.1 billion) …


2020 brand value: $7,998 (in millions, or $8 billion) …


Pizza Hut.

Taco Bell.

Dunkin’More items…•.

What is the longest running fast food chain?

10 Oldest Fast Food Chains in the WorldJack in the Box. Year Founded: February 21, 1951. … Dunkin’ Donuts. Year Founded: 1948. … In-N-Out Burger. Year Founded: October 22, 1948. … Dairy Queen. Year Founded: June 22, 1940. … McDonald’s. Year Founded: May 15, 1940. … KFC. Year Founded: March 20, 1930. … White Castle. Year Founded: September 13, 1921. … A&W. Year Founded: June 20, 1919.More items…

What is the first fast food chain in the world?

White CastleOne of the first fast-food chains to emerge was White Castle, founded by Bill Ingram in Wichita in 1921; the design of the original White Castle was inspired by the Water Tower building in Chicago.

When were fast food chains founded?

White Castle is America’s oldest fast-food chain. In 1921 he started selling five-cent hamburgers, and by 1927 Ingram had pioneered the concept of carryout. White Castle became the first fast-food chain in the United States.

Was KFC or Mcdonalds first?

The first UK restaurant opened on Coventry Street in London in 1977. The first Kentucky Fried Chicken opened its doors in 1952, in Salt Lake City in Utah.