Which Suffix Means Resembling?

Which suffix means capable of?

Adjective SuffixesSuffixMeaningExample-ablecapable ofaffordable-al, -ialrelating to something; the act of doing somethingcoastal, financial- anttendency todominant-aryrelating tocustomary11 more rows.

What is the suffix in insomnia?

It comes from the Latin insom(nis), meaning “without sleep.” This is formed from the prefix in–, in this case meaning “not,” the root somn(us), meaning “sleep,” and the ending -ia, which is used in the names of diseases.

What is the medical term for resembling?

-oid. Suffix meaning “pertaining to”, “like”, or “resembling”

Which suffix means enlargement?

-MEGALY (enlargement) results from the combination of the word root MEGAL (large) and the suffix -Y (which forms the term into a noun). CARDIOMEGALY means enlargement of the heart.

What can the suffix or mean?

-or. noun suffix (1) Definition of -or (Entry 7 of 8) : one that does a (specified) thing grantor. -or.

Which suffix means process?

Suffix meaning action or process. -al, -ial.

Which suffix means seizure?

iatry-iatry. The suffix that means “seizure, or attack,” is __________. -lepsy. To kill; to destroy.

What is the adjective suffix in virile?

The adjective suffix in virile is. ile. The ending -logy in cardiology means. study of.

What is the singular of Paralyses?

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of paralyse. …

Which suffix means small?

Terms in this set (5) -cle. small. -icle. small.

What term means like or resembling a toxin?

Suffix that means like or resembling. ex: lymphoid = like or resembling the lymphatic system. ex: toxoid = like or resembling a toxin, or poison. -form. Suffix that means like or resembling.

What does suffix Otomy mean?

For example, in gastrectomy, “ectomy” is a suffix meaning the removal of a part of the body. … Thus, gastrectomy refers to the surgical removal of the stomach (or sections thereof). “Otomy” means cutting into a part of the body; a gastrotomy would be cutting into, but not necessarily removing, the stomach.