Who Is The Most Badass Walking Dead Character?

Who has killed the most walkers?

Throughout his time in the comics and on the television series, it is estimated that Glenn killed 174 Walkers.

He used a variety of means to accomplish this high number including firearms and close-combat knives and other weapons.

Until Negan killed him, he was one of the most efficient killers alive..

Is Carl Rick’s son?

Carl is Lori and Rick Grimes’ son and Judith’s elder half-brother.

Does Rick cut off Carl’s arm?

Goodbye Carl’s Arm It’s morning now. He drops Rick in the middle of the circle, pulls Carl (Chandler Riggs) over and tells Rick to cut off his son’s arm — or else the Saviors will kill every single Alexandrian, ending with Rick. Rick begs Negan to stop, offers himself in Carl’s stead, but it’s no use.

How many people kill Rick?

60 PeopleRick Grimes Has Killed 60 People On The Walking Dead. Living in a post-apocalyptic world is no picnic, that’s for sure, and The Walking Dead has dug deep into the terrible things the survivors have to do to protect themselves and their loved ones over its first decade.

Can walkers talk TWD?

The short answer is no, walkers can’t talk in The Walking Dead universe and they haven’t suddenly gotten stronger.

What are Rick’s three questions?

During The Walking Dead Season 4 Premiere, Rick Grimes told a woman that he found in the woods that her husband would have to answer three questions before he allowed them to join his group. The three questions were: How many walkers have you have you killed? How many people have you killed? Why?

Who is the strongest character in The Walking Dead?

Michonne1. Michonne (+1) After a whirlwind season that jumped ahead six-and-a-half years we realized Michonne is currently the most powerful character in The Walking Dead.

Who is your favorite Walking Dead character?

Who is your favorite character on The Walking Dead? In Season 1 through 2, my favorite character was Daryl. In Season 3, I started to like Rick alot more than Daryl and then when Merle came back in, he was my favorite. But now he’s dead and since the end of Season 3, my favorite character is Rick.

How does Glenn die?

The leader of the Saviors, Negan, selects Glenn to die as “punishment” for the Saviors Rick’s group killed; he then bludgeons Glenn to death with a baseball bat. Glenn dies while helplessly crying Maggie’s name.

Who kills Carl?

Carl then told Michonne and Rick he loved them before they left him alone beneath Alexandria with a gun. In a heartbreaking moment, Rick and Michonne are sown outside the sewer as a gunshot goes off, confirmed Carl had killed himself.

Who kills Negan?

THE WALKING DEAD fans were seething when Rick Grimes made the decision not to kill villain Negan at the end of the All Out War storyline in season eight and instead imprison him. Now the reason behind this shock decision has been revealed in a deleted scene.