Why Did Beth Kill Herself?

How old was Beth in the walking dead when she died?

Beth Greene† Beth GreeneSeason(s)2 • 3 • 4 • 5 • 7 • 9StatusDeadAge18Former Partner(s)† Jimmy, † Zach13 more rows.

Why did Beth Leave The Walking Dead?

After three seasons with The Walking Dead, Emily Kinney’s character, Beth Greene was killed off following a tense prisoner negotiation exchange with her captor and the gang. … We had to be planning it since season four because the white cross car was in episode 413.

What happened to Beth Walking Dead Season 4?

AMC’s The Walking Dead suffered a heartbreaking loss during Sunday’s midseason finale. After more than three seasons with the series, Emily Kinney’s Beth Greene was shockingly killed off following a tense confrontation with her captor, Dawn (Christine Woods).

Does Beth get out of the hospital?

Beth made a valiant effort to escape earlier in the episode, but was ultimately recaptured. Although it’s bad for Carol that she’s (allegedly) injured, her arrival is definitely a spark of hope for Beth. Escaping from the hospital by herself would be impossible, especially after assisting with the death of Gorman.

What episode does Beth die?

Coda (The Walking Dead)”Coda”The Walking Dead episodeBeth confronts and stands up to Dawn.Episode no.Season 5 Episode 8Directed byErnest Dickerson8 more rows

Why did Beth stab Dawn?

Beth just wanted to show everything Dawn has claimed does come back to her. A stolen scissor from her desk and beth coming back for her ass.

Does Daryl sleep with Beth?

Daryl and Beth get caught in the path of a walker herd and take cover in the trunk of a broken-down car — luckily for them, one large enough to fit two adults relatively comfortably. Night turns to day, and it appears neither of them slept. Daryl keeps watch, never taking his finger off the trigger of his crossbow.

Who killed Beth?

Sadly, Beth — played by series regular Emily Kinney — was shot to death by the hospital’s self-appointed dictator Dawn before she made it out of the building. Daryl, in turn, whacked Beth’s murderer in retaliation.

Who kidnapped Beth?

After witnessing her father’s beheading and fleeing the prison, Beth develops a close friendship with Daryl. Just when the two seem to have found sanctuary, however, Beth is kidnapped and brought to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, where the leader, Dawn, forces her to work as a hospital ward.

Did Daryl have feelings to Beth?

“Beth was kind of like this long dark tunnel. … Reedus has some doubts about Daryl’s awareness of anything romantic between himself and Beth: If Daryl has a thing for Beth or whatever, I always saw that as, if he did, he didn’t understand those feelings. He might have felt them, but it wasn’t a thing.

Are Maggie and Beth half sisters?

Beth Greene is a fictional character from the American horror drama television series The Walking Dead, created by season two showrunner Glen Mazzara, and was portrayed by Emily Kinney. She is the daughter of veterinarian and farmer Hershel Greene and the younger half-sister of Maggie.

Does Judith die in The Walking Dead?

AliveJudith Grimes/Status

Does Daryl find Beth in The Walking Dead?

Daryl ran out of the funeral home to find Beth’s bag abandoned on the lawn and a car with a cross in the window speeding away. He sprinted after the car, but failed to catch up. “Walking Dead” viewers did not see Beth again for the rest of Season 4, but many developed theories about her kidnapping.

Why did Glenn have to die?

The leader of the Saviors, Negan, selects Glenn to die as “punishment” for the Saviors Rick’s group killed; he then bludgeons Glenn to death with a baseball bat. Glenn dies while helplessly crying Maggie’s name.

Why did the doctor tell Beth the wrong medicine?

He later lies to Beth about the medicine required by Gavin Trevitt, which results in her accidentally killing him. He later reveals to Beth that this was in order to preserve his position in the community, and prevent himself from becoming expendable.

How did Beth die in The Walking Dead?

An armed Dawn fires a shot that goes right through Beth’s head, instantly killing her.

Did Carl have a crush on Beth?

It’s easy to believe that Carl Grimes had a crush on Beth. There aren’t a lot of young ladies around in the walker apocalypse and Carl is getting to be that age where he’ll start having romantic urges. … Also, fans wouldn’t have seen it coming since they were obsessed with Beth ending up with Daryl Dixon.

Did Dawn mean to kill Beth?

“I knew you would be back” was Dawn projecting her desperation for someone to need her as a false hope. With Dawn’s true motivations exposed, Beth wanted to end the cycle of abuse that resulted from Dawn’s broken psyche and decided to kill her.